Samantha Richert

Actor, Educator, Director


“As Michaela, incessantly flipping her hair while flexing her power, Samantha Richert is outrageous yet credible. And wielding a mix of dignity and defensiveness, she does what can be done to garner eleventh-hour sympathy for the woman.” Carolyn Clay - The ARTery

"As Ariel, Richert supplies a distinctively otherworldly performance: often stepping on the balls of her feet, smoothly shifting her weight from one leg to another, then, once her weight rests completely on one foot, moving into a cantilevered pose. Even her exercises in sphere-play (or contact juggling as it is known in some circles), however rudimentary, seems to defy gravity, if only because she invests it with such earnest intentionality."  -- Ian Thal - The Arts Fuse


"Samantha Richert makes the lovely, fast-moving, Ariel, into a gravity-defying fairy, bounding through space, sometimes on a tiny foot trapeze that floats her through the air.  As portrayed by Richert, Ariel embodies an appealing sweetness and loyalty to Prospero, even though she longs for her freedom." -- Iris Fanger - Theater Mania